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Christopher M. Foglia


Fellowship trained in colon and rectal surgery, Dr. Foglia utilizes complex, minimally invasive techniques for bowel surgery which shorten patient recovery time and maximize patient comfort and satisfaction with care.

“Nearly all of our colon surgery is performed laparoscopically, which helps patients recover quicker than with an open abdominal surgery, resulting in less pain, better cosmetic results, and a shorter length of stay in the hospital. Working in close proximity with our colleagues in gastroenterology enables easy consultation and collaboration, which allows us to offer our patients a higher level of care.”

Dr. Foglia is specially trained and able to offer his patients a procedure known as TEMS (transanal endoscopic microsurgery). This is a minimally invasive technique for treatment of adenomas of the rectum (benign polyps), and rectal cancers that are detected early. If removal during colonoscopy is not possible, TEMS can spare patients the risks and side effects of major rectal surgery. It can often be performed as a short-stay procedure without general anesthesia.

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