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Scott P. Sanderson


Dr. Sanderson is a board-certified neurosurgeon specializing in the surgical management and treatment of brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve diseases and disorders. Fellowship trained in spinal surgery and instrumentation, he performs procedures to address conditions from the base of the skull to the base of the spine.

“We provide the full spectrum of brain and spine surgery, and do extensive screening to be sure the patients we select for surgery can benefit from surgery and not some other treatment. By educating our patients about their spine diseases we give them a measure of empowerment. We often send patients to other providers for a less invasive resolution if we can. It’s a hallmark of our practice, and we get a lot of respect for our philosophy of conservative surgery.”

“From a neurosurgical perspective, patients have lots of reasons to come to Danbury Hospital. We have an excellent team capable of treating brain trauma, brain tumors and spinal conditions. Much of our spine surgery is performed with minimally invasive techniques, accessing through the side rather than the center of the back to minimize muscle injury, reduce pain and promote a faster recovery. We place a strong emphasis on patient safety, using advanced imaging technology to navigate during both spine and brain procedures.”


Spine Surgery

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