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Since 2005, when the program was inaugurated, our cardiac surgeons have performed well over 1,000 open-heart procedures. In just the past year alone, our surgical volume has increased 15 percent as word of our outstanding outcomes and patient satisfaction scores have become more widely known. 


Treatments include the entire spectrum of adult heart surgery, including heart valve repair and replacement, on- and off-pump coronary artery bypass utilizing multiple arterial conduits...
Less Cutting, More Edge

The program’s board-certified surgeons are drawn from some of the most prestigious cardiac fellowship programs in the country; they are supported in the operating room and ICU by a team of anesthesiologists, perfusionists...

We are the only heart program in Western Connecticut and nearby New York State to offer complete adult cardiac services.

In 2010, our blood utilization rate was less than half of our peer hospitals according to the STS Database.