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Less Cutting, More Edge

Joint replacement surgery, and especially hip and knee revision surgery, is considered to be the most challenging surgery. Our surgeons have perfected the minimally invasive approach to most hip procedures, as it reduces the trauma to major hip muscles. Hip resurfacing consists of a chromium composite metal-on-metal bearing, an innovative option for younger, athletic patients. In hip revision surgeries, as much as 25 percent have insufficient bone for good attachment of the hip prosthesis; they require rebuilding with a cadaver bone allograft, again a technique best left to subspecialists in joint surgery.

We use a host of advanced techniques for personalized knee replacement. In 2011, we began offering the revolutionary Visionaire System. This knee replacement technology combines hypoallergenic lightweight metal joint components with patient-customized surgical instrumentation pre-engineered to the unique specifications of each patient’s knee. These custom instruments guide the surgeon, to make anatomically precise cuts of the bone and to align the knee accurately. This technique enables the knee replacement to be performed in a minimally invasive fashion with less surgical time, and reduces blood loss, and allows faster recovery, enabling patients to return to normal activities sooner. We also offer joint-sparing partial knee replacement and knee revision surgery.