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Center for Weight Loss Surgery

At The Center for Weight Loss Surgery at Danbury Hospital, we're focused on providing seriously overweight patients with a surgical solution for long-term weight loss through comprehensive medical and surgical care.

Laura H. Choi, M.D. Keith A. Zuccala, M.D.

Laura H. Choi, M.D.
Medical Director, Center for Weight Loss Surgery
Fred and Irmi Bering Chair for Laparoscopic Surgery
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Keith A. Zuccala, M.D.
Director, of Laparoscopic Surgery
Chief, Section of General Surgery
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Drs. Choi and Zuccala are highly skilled in both laparoscopic and bariatric surgery, performing laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding procedures. A multidisciplinary review board guides each patient with the expertise of a surgeon, pulmonologist, cardiologist, psychiatrist, nutritionist, pharmacist, nurse coordinator, and other specialists as needed.

Monthly support group meetings are a very important component of the weight loss surgery program and all patients are encouraged to attend.

For More Information

If you think you may be a candidate for weight loss surgery, talk to your primary care physician about Danbury Hospital, call 1-800-516-3657 for more information, or attend a free event and learn more about losing weight thruogh bariatric surgery and if it's right for you.