Nuclear Cardiology

What is Nuclear Cardiology?

The best way to explain the use of nuclear medicine in cardiology, is to think of a conventional X-ray or CT examination where a machine distributes radiation that passes through a patient's body. Doctors in nuclear cardiology use the opposite approach to see your heart by introducing a radioactive material, usually by injection, into your body.

A scanning device known as a gamma camera detects the radiation and produces a digital image of your heart that allows the cardiologist to evaluate cardiac function.


Nuclear Cardiology Staff

Danbury Hospital requires that nuclear cardiology technicians are registered by either the Nuclear Medicine Technologist Certification Board (NMTCB) or the American Registry for Radiological Technicians (ARRT) to demonstrate specific knowledge in Nuclear Cardiology testing and equipment.

These technicians have passed several exams illustrating knowledge and competency in techniques specific to nuclear cardiology, are trained on how to use specialized equipment, and to administer tests. The staff members have competency in how to recognize abnormalities and complications that are identified during testing.

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