Family Medicine, Department of Medicine

Family Medicine, Primary Care Children and AdultsFamily Medicine at Danbury Hospital is a section of the Department of Medicine that specializes in primary care for both children and adults. Family physicians provide the majority of medical care needed by patients, and help to coordinate care when specialists are needed. The scope of Family Medicine encompasses all ages, both sexes, each organ system, and every disease entity.

Our doctors are located extensively throughout the greater Danbury area, and many practices offer extended hours (evenings and weekends) for your convenience.

The American Board of Family Medicine requires board recertification for all family physicians every seven years. It also mandates rigorous continuing medical education requirements. This ensures that our primary care doctors remain abreast of the latest advances in medicine to continuously provide high quality, accessible care to the communities we serve.

For More Information

If you need a doctor referral, call 1-800-516-3658 or search our Find a Doctor online tool to find a primary care doctor near you. You can also visit our patient and visitor information guide for more detailed information about Danbury Hospital.