Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease, Department of Medicine

We treat a full range of infectious diseases including HIV, Lyme disease, travel related infections, chronic infections, and conditions caused by living organisms.

Committed to a higher level of care, our doctors have advanced training in infection control, immunology and epidemiology.

Welcome to Infectious Disease at Danbury Hospital. Our infectious disease specialists are certified in internal medicine, and have additional training in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. We are also trained in immunology (how the body fights infection), epidemiology (how infections are transmitted), and infection control, and are committed to providing members of our community the best quality care.

Our infectious disease specially-trained doctors are dedicated to providing treatment of a full range of infectious diseases, including conditions caused by living organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites), HIV and related conditions, Lyme disease, chronic and wound related infections, and travel-related infection.

Along with a specialized knowledge of a broad range of infectious diseases, our physicians are also experts in the proper use of antibiotics and other anti-infective medicines to treat disease. We work in conjunction with primary care doctors, specialists, and surgeons to ensure a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan for each patient.

Our doctors are committed to medical education and to advancing knowledge of infectious diseases through medical research. We hope that you find the information on this web site helpful and invite you to learn more about our services.

Gary S. Schleiter, M.D.
Section Chief, Infectious Disease
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