Nursing at Danbury Hospital

Nursing at Danbury Hospital provides family centered patient care in a nurturing, supportive environment.

We are dedicated to a higher level of care focused on patient safety, clinical quality and nursing education.

The Department of Nursing at Danbury Hospital is known for its caring, compassionate, skilled nurses. We continue to set the standard of excellence for nursing achievements — while focusing on patient safety and clinical quality — and promoting nursing education.

Our mission is to make Danbury Hospital the destination for those interested in pursuing nursing excellence and research-based practices. These efforts translate into positive clinical outcomes and an overall outstanding hospital experience for patients. 

Our nurses demonstrate exceptional patient focus, teamwork, and drive for continuous improvement. While nursing career achievements are as dynamic and unique as any individual nurse, we continue to open new doors to our nurses through continuous learning and professional growth.

If you strive for excellence in your nursing career, the Department of Nursing at Danbury Hospital is the workplace of choice.

Moreen Donahue, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
Chief Nurse Executive
Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services