About Us

The Praxair Cancer Center

The Praxair Cancer Center at Danbury Hospital – the region’s leading provider of cancer care services – is the recipient of the “Outstanding Achievement Award” from the Commission on Cancer. The award recognizes cancer programs that strive for excellence in providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary quality care to cancer patients.

Expert Cancer Care

Accredited by the American College of Surgeon’s Commission on Cancer, the Praxair Cancer Center received the highest possible score in the last survey, ranking us in the top quarter of nearly 1,200 approved cancer programs.

Our patients receive an exceptional level of care in a compassionate environment, close to home, with services that include the full continuum of cancer care, including:

  • Prevention
  • Early detection 
  • Diagnosis 
  • Treatment
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Support Services  
  • Research 
  • Survivorship

Our team of highly skilled medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, oncology nurses and other specialists with advanced training.

Cancer Care Coordinator

Our Cancer Care Coordinator, a designated nurse navigator who understands many of the emotional, social and physical issues associated with having cancer and can help you clarify important information, guide you and connect you with resources during and after treatments.

Multidisciplinary Case Review Teams

Our multidisciplinary case review teams bring together professionals from many specialty areas to review and reach consensus on the best treatment options for individual patient cases. With its focus on excellence, the Praxair Cancer Center uses the National Comprehensive Cancer Network clinical guidelines recognized as the standard of care in oncology.

Patient Support

Our extensive support for cancer patients and their families, includes a dedicated oncology dietitian, social worker, financial counselor as well as the Ruth C. Donovan Resource Center to provide necessary information during a trying time.

Cancer Research

Our extensive research program gives patients access to the latest treatment options through clinical trials. Our physicians are known worldwide for their biomedical cancer research.

At the Praxair Cancer Center, we combine advanced technology with a commitment to excellent patient care. Our personalized support helps patients and their families understand every step of the treatment and recovery process.

Choosing the Praxair Cancer Center

To learn more about the diagnosis, treatment, care, and support options available at the Praxair Cancer Center, call 203-739-7893.

If you need a doctor referral, call 1-800-511-8639, or search our Find a Doctor online tool. You can also visit our patient and visitor information guide to learn more about Danbury Hospital.