Mammography and Breast Imaging

Mammograms and other breast imaging technologies are used to look for cancers of the breast. They may be used to check for breast cancer after a lump or other symptom of breast cancer has been found.  Because mammograms can be stressful, we make every effort to ensure that your examination takes place in a comfortable and pleasant setting.

Breast Imaging Services

Danbury Hospital offers the following types of breast imaging:

  • Routine yearly screening mammography
  • Diagnostic mammography
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Breast MRI
  • Interventional Breast Procedures:
    • Ultrasound-guided Breast Biopsy
    • Stereotactic Breast Biopsy with Mammotome
    • Needle Localization
    • Galactography

If you have scheduled or are going to schedule a mammogram, please visit How do I prepare for my Mammogram Procedure? for helpful preparatory information.

For More Information

We offer daytime, weekend, and evening appointments to accommodate your scheduling needs. To learn more about mammography, or to schedule an appointment, talk to your doctor about Danbury Hospital.

If you need a doctor referral call us at 1-800-511-8287, or search our Find a Doctor online tool to find a doctor near you.