Patient Relations

Our mission of Patient Relations at Danbury Hospital is to serve our patients, their families, and guests by combining the best clinical care and treatment with compassionate and personalized service to ensure the best possible healthcare experience.

We are here to help you. Please contact Patient Relations with your compliments, questions, concerns, or complaints.

How Patient Relations Assists Patients

Patient Rights

  • Advocate for patients' rights and needs
  • Ensure confidentiality
  • Mediation, clarification, and/or facilitation of communication

Patient Satisfaction

  • Ensure exceptional experiences when seeking care at Danbury Hospital
  • Identify opportunities to improve the patient experience
  • Assist caregivers in meeting patient needs, expectations, and concerns
  • Gather data and provide patient information to staff on patients' perceptions and satisfaction rates

Patient Education

  • Communicate Danbury Hospital policies, procedures, and services to patients and families
  • Educate staff on how to provide the best consumer service possible
  • Serve as a resource for healthcare providers and staff members

Compliments, Questions, Concerns, or Complaints

Whether you have a question, concern, complaint, or compliment, our patient relations team ensures you have a voice.

  • A simple method to ask questions, file a complaint, or compliment any staff member
  • A liaison to communicate for you and your family
  • Along with your caregiver, that your healthcare experience is of the highest quality
  • Timely response to your needs and concerns
  • An atmosphere of friendliness, courtesy, concern, and respect for all patients and co-workers so that all of us have a favorable perception of the Danbury Hospital experience

For Concerns About Your Care

If you have questions about the care from Danbury Hospital please speak to your healthcare providers directly, the nurse manager in the department you are being treated, or Contact Patient Relations with your concerns.

For Needs Outside of Our Regular Office Hours

If you need to speak to someone outside of regular office hours please contact the nurse manager; or our clinical administrator at 203-739-6274.

For More Information

The mission of Danbury Hospital guides us to do our best for each and every person who comes through our doors. We are committed to providing our patients and their loved ones with the highest level of clinical excellence and compassionate care, and continually strive to improve each patient's experience at Danbury Hospital.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about your stay at Danbury Hospital, please contact Patient Relations.