About the Lyme Disease Registry

The Western Connecticut Health Network Lyme Disease Registry is located at Danbury Hospital Research Institute and is made possible through the generosity of Laura and Dale Kutnick.

The Lyme Disease Registry is a rich database of vital information with a mission focused on the future of Lyme disease research. The information in the registry is used for research purposes only and is not associated with treatment of Lyme disease.

Treatment options should be discussed with your doctor and not with the Lyme Disease Registry staff.

If you have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and meet the eligibility requirements, you are invited to learn more about registering to participate in this real-time landmark research project. If you have never been diagnosed with Lyme disease, we encourage you to speak to your friends and family to help share information about the Lyme Disease Registry.


The mission of the Western Connecticut Health Network Lyme Disease Registry is to create a comprehensive database of patients with Lyme disease that will serve as the basis for multidisciplinary research leading to a better understanding of:

  • The course of the disease and how people are affected
  • Causes of persistent symptoms
  • Improved diagnosis and treatment

We believe that improvement in the quality of care for this community can occur through the support of well-designed community-based participatory research, a collaborative approach to research that equitably involves all partners in the research process and recognizes the unique strengths that each brings.

The Western Connecticut Health Network Lyme Disease Registry represents an important step toward providing concrete answers about the impact of Lyme disease. Analysis of the data collected will help to inform the development of evidence-based care and treatments for all those who suffer from the effects of this devastating disease.

The Power of Giving

The creation of the Western Connecticut Health Network Lyme Disease Registry represents a major achievement by a generous donor who had decided to lead the fight against this rapidly spreading disease.

When he was 11, Toren Kutnick was diagnosed with Lyme disease after suffering what was thought to be tendonitis in both knees. Caused by a bacterial infection primarily transmitted by deer ticks, the onset of Lyme disease was quick and dramatic. At that time, testing methods were inefficient and symptoms were difficult to recognize, causing Toren to miss an opportunity for early treatment.

Toren thought he had been successfully cured until almost ten years later when he suddenly suffered debilitating migraines and chronic joint pain during his sophomore year at Cornell University. Toren’s mother, Laura Kutnick, was shocked to learn that the rate of Lyme disease is rising and that the debate about inefficient testing methods and the manifestation of the disease months and years after the initial infection continues. Feeling it was time to find answers to the mystery, the Kutnick family made a generous donation to Danbury Hospital.

Together, Danbury Hospital and the Kutnick family have begun the first hospital-based Lyme disease registry in the nation to focus multidisciplinary research on the impact of Lyme disease that may help explain the complex aspects of this poorly understood disease.

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For More Information

You’re invited to register to participate in the Western Connecticut Health Network Lyme Disease Registry. You can learn more about the Lyme Disease Registry online or please contact the Lyme Disease Registry for more information or if you have questions.

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