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Resolving to Help You and Your Child Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

Most of us are trying to improve our lives in some way. Losing weight and exercising often top people’s lists for self-improvement. Why not think about making changes that will benefit both you and your children?  Work to create an environment that supports a healthy weight for your whole family. With this comes helping them develop a healthy body image along with a healthy lifestyle.

There are a few things you can do to create a supportive environment for both you and your child.

  • Refrain from criticizing your own physique in front of your children. Children learn by example. Show them you are happy with who you are regardless of your weight and they will likely follow along.
  • Don’t allow the word “fat” to be used in your household. Focus on overall health and vitality rather than being “fat” or “thin”. Instead of saying, “ I can’t eat that because I don’t want to get fat”, try statements like, “I prefer eating food that makes me feel and look healthy”.
  • Promote family mealtime and discourage eating that doesn’t take place at the kitchen/dining table.
  • Make exercise a family affair. Take a walk in the neighborhood or play your child’s favorite sport in the backyard. Help your children to view exercise as fun and create an environment that is supportive to help them develop their own self-confidence. When they feel good about themselves they are more likely to engage in healthful behaviors.

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