HealthLink is a regional information system for our community that helps doctors collaborate and manage better care

HealthLink is a new health information system for our community and the region that Danbury Hospital serves. Danbury Hospital has developed HealthLink to reinforce its commitment to a higher level of care.

What is HealthLink?

HealthLink is an innovative collaboration tool for doctors. It improves the quality and safety of healthcare delivered to you. HealthLink is centralized and secure to ensure your health information is better managed, protected and safe.

HealthLink Enables Doctors

Danbury Hospital has begun introducing HealthLink to the medical community to allow medical professionals to better manage your care. HealthLink is all about patient-centered care. Your healthcare team, including providers here at the hospital and at offsite offices, will have immediate access to your medical history in a secure, protected environment. HealthLink will allow your healthcare team to:

  • Exchange patient health information, such as test results, in real time
  • Easily collaborate with your doctors about your health
  • Use electronic prescribing for enhanced safety and convenience

HealthLink lets doctors more readily and efficiently communicate about your medical condition and healthcare needs to improve treatment you receive.

At Danbury Hospital, our network of health providers care about your health and the security of your health records. As always, we use the most advanced security measures to protect your health information. We’ve applied tools and processes from leading healthcare institutions to ensure all appropriate measures have been taken to protect and secure your information.

Why Has Danbury Hospital Launched HealthLink?

Danbury Hospital has launched HealthLink to promote a healthier community.

Innovative, patient-centered technology enables medical professionals in our region to access updated health records, when they need them, to give you the best care. This includes Danbury Hospital affiliated medical practices, labs and radiology centers. Area pharmacies are also included in HealthLink to support the new, more efficient electronic prescription ordering process.

In the future, HealthLink will include results from other testing facilities including labs and imaging centers in our region.

How Can HealthLink Help Me?

  • It's convenient: no need to collect medications, allergies, lab reports, and x-rays from multiple doctors
  • Better care: authorized doctors have immediate access to your medical records
  • Lower cost: it minimizes repeat tests since authorized doctors can quickly access test results performed at other locations
  • Your information is protected: we use the most stringent security measures, with access by authorized medical staff only
  • Saves you time: your doctor sends your prescription electronically. That means your prescription has a head start, arriving at the pharmacy before you leave your doctor’s office
  • Electronic prescribing also lessens the chance of adverse drug interactions
  • Faster treatment in a medical emergency
  • Easier, quicker second opinions
  • Reduced risk of medical mistakes

How Can I Learn More About HealthLink?

Danbury Hospital is actively adding more doctors and testing providers to HealthLink.

Speak with your doctor about HealthLink, or look for the HealthLink brochure and sign-up form at your doctor’s office.

For More Information

If you have questions or would like more information about HealthLink, please contact Public Relations at Danbury Hospital