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Government Relations of Danbury Hospital

Danbury Hospital combines excellence in research, education and clinical care with drive and innovation in ways that positively impact healthcare for our region.

By leveraging our governmental relationships and working closely with aligned organizations and the community, we can have a powerful voice on key healthcare issues locally and in Hartford and Washington.

Our 2009 Legislative Agenda

  • Improving the Health of Connecticut Residents
  • Enhancing Quality of Care and Patient Safety
  • Ensuring Access to Coverage and Care
  • Securing Fair and Adequate Hospital Reimbursement
  • Reforming the Mental Health System
  • Building a Strong Workforce

Proven Growth

As the largest employer in Greater Danbury, and one of the largest in the entire state, Danbury Health Systems is a proven contributor to economic growth.

Danbury Hospital is the cornerstone of our community – serving residents in their time of need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Connecticut residents believe that accessible hospital care is just as necessary for quality of life as are public schools, safe streets, transportation, public utilities, and police protection. Often less known are the many economic benefits that hospitals like ours provide.  In fact, Danbury Hospital makes a tremendous impact on the financial health of our local community and our state.

Each year Danbury Hospital spends money on the goods and services it needs to provide healthcare – for example, medical supplies, electricity for its buildings, and food for patients. Funds spent to buy goods and services flow from the hospital to businesses and then ripple throughout the economy.

Danbury Hospital spends millions of dollars each year on the purchase of new technology and equipment, medical supplies, staff salaries, food, and facilities maintenance and upgrades.  These dollars have a “ripple effect” as they move through the larger economy, generating additional jobs and spending in our community, as well as large sums of tax revenue used to fund state and federal programs.

In total, Danbury Hospital had a direct economic impact on our community of more than $576,686,000 during 2006. This amount does not include the additional contribution made by our employees directly.

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Andrea Rynn
Director, Community, Public and Government Relations