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2004 Archive

Technically Speaking is the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology newsletter. This is the 2004 archive newsletters.

December 2004: Issue No. 82

  • Reference Range - Prothrombin Time (PT)
  • Contaminated Blood Samples Drawn from IV Catheters: A Case History

October 2004: Issue No. 81

  • TRAII: The #1 Killer Among Transfusion of Blood Products
  • Intraoperative Consultant (Frozen Section) Turnaround Time

August 2004: Issue No. 80

  • Annual Physician Notices

August 2004: Issue No. 79

  • Laboratory Phlebotomy Order Entry Changes
  • Cytology Requisition Changes

June 2004: Issue No. 78

  • Tick Borne Disease Laboratory Testing

April 2004: Issue No. 77

  • Microbiology Specimen Collection Requirements

March 2004: Issue No. 76

  • Criteria for Ordering "Special" Blood Products"
  • New ADA Guidelines for Fasting Glucose and Impaired Fasting Glucose
  • STAT HIV Testing for Exposure Patient

January 2004: Issue No. 75

  • Free Kappa and Free Lambda
  • Medicare Coding Updates
  • Screening PAP Smears, Pelvic & Breast Examination Screening PSA
  • Laboratory Coding Updates