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Emergency Services Training Corps

Tuesday, December 01, 2009 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM - Danbury Hospital

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Emergency Training Resources is seeking interested individuals to act as “victims” for community healthcare exercises, training drills, and emergency medical education programs through the Emergency Services Training Corps (E.S.T.C.) program. No experience is necessary but an interest in drama and/or dramatic make up is helpful. Emergency Services Training Corps participants will assist with training scenarios including patients suffering from gunshot wound, heart attacks, car crashes and other medical and traumatic emergencies.

Emergency Training Resources (ETR) is the emergency medical and safety training division of Danbury Health Care Affiliates who, along with Danbury Hospital, is the premier community health care provider for the greater Danbury area. ETR has been providing leading edge consultation and educational programs to corporations, public safety, and health and government organizations since 1999.

Interested parties will be invited to an E.S.T.C. informational “how to” class which will involve a brief overview of what they can expect and lessons in applying moulage (make up created wounds). Make-up, wardrobe and training will be provided for all volunteers for this important program.

Although participation in the E.S.T.C. as a victim is volunteer activity, ETR will gladly provide written or verbal confirmation of your participation explaining your very important role in emergency training and domestic preparedness. Community volunteer activities such as this can make an excellent addition to academic transcripts and applications, resumes and curriculum vitae and may count towards high school community service programs. In addition, discounts towards ETR training programs may be applied.

Additional information is available at http://www.myETR.org by clicking on the “Volunteer” button at the top of the page. Information includes course descriptions, schedules and contact information to begin your participation in this program.


There is no fee for participation in this valuable community service program.

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