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Food For Life Nutrition and Cooking Classes for Cancer Prevention and Survival

Tuesday, April 06, 2010 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM - Danbury, CT

Danbury Hospital Praxair Cancer Center

The Praxair Cancer Center is pleased to host for the second time the Cancer Projects cooking and nutrition classes. These classes are FREE for cancer patients/survivors and a guest.

The class series covers a variety of cancer-related nutrition topics and demonstrates how to prepare several meals loaded with antioxidants/phytochemicals, high-fiber and low-fat foods, utilizing healthy dairy and meat alternatives. The series also provides information on planning meals and maintaining a healthy weight. Each class includes a nutrition video followed by a cooking demonstration and sampling of the food prepared.

Series Schedule

04/06/10: Introduction to How Foods Fight Cancer

04/13/10: Fueling Up on Low-Fat, High Fiber Foods

04/20/10: Discovering Dairy and Meat Alternatives

04/27/10: Cancer-Fighting Compounds and Healthy Weight Control

Registration and Contact Information

REGISTRATION REQUIRED BY MARCH 30th, 2010 SPACE IS LIMITED! To register, please call: Lillian Monaghan at 203-739-7898