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Less Cutting, More Edge

Our board-certified general surgeons, all fellowship-trained in laparoscopy, now perform elective surgeries once put off indefinitely due to trauma and long recovery times. With less internal injury and blood loss, reduced pain, smaller incision scars, and quicker release from the hospital — sometimes the same day — Danbury offers significant quality of life advantages to the patient.

As new techniques and technologies push the potentials of laparoscopy further, Danbury continues to define itself as a hospital that employs less cutting, more edge. The Fred and Irmi Bering Chair in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and the Harold and Myra Spratt Chair in Minimally Invasive Surgery were recently established to further facilitate our capabilities. We are now able to offer many more complex procedures not available elsewhere in the region, from routine hernia repairs to gastric, splenic and bowel resections, adrenalectomies, weight reduction surgeries and distal pancreatectomies.

Danbury Hospital surgeons are also pioneers in the emerging art of micro-laparoscopy, which relies on specialized instruments that can be inserted through an incision as small as 3 millimeters that minimizes scarring.