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The department performs over 30,000 procedures annually at the Danbury site, and offers the full range of services from general airway-delivered full-body anesthesia to local anesthetic nerve blocks for surgeries of the upper or lower extremities. But as minimally invasive techniques become more widely used in many major abdominal and thoracic surgeries, and a larger share of older patients become surgical candidates, regional anesthesia (sometimes in conjunction with general anesthesia) is becoming the method of choice for many procedures.

Regional anesthesia includes nerve blocks, epidural and spinal anesthesia. It can be specifically tailored in terms of dosage and narcotic type according to the patient’s age, the extent of the surgery undertaken, and any comorbidity that may impact the patient’s tolerance to anesthetics. To insure that the injections and infusions are delivered to their intended target with maximum accuracy and safety, we use a number of new modalities including ultrasound guidance.