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Less Cutting, More Edge

The program’s board-certified surgeons are drawn from some of the most prestigious cardiac fellowship programs in the country; they are supported in the operating room and ICU by a team of anesthesiologists, perfusionists, physician assistants, intensivists, nurses and surgical technicians, all experts in their specialty. An atmosphere of trust and respect ensures that each procedure is carried out with the utmost precision, efficiency and confidence.

Patients also benefit from the program’s routine use of the most up-to-date techniques in cardiovascular surgery. Our repair rates (as opposed to replacement) for mitral valve operations are at 80%, and the more delicate use of both internal mammary arteries for coronary bypass is at 3 times the national average. These contribute to better long-term outcomes for our patients: It reduces the chance of a patient needing a second bypass operation or angioplasty in later years.

 Danbury also specializes in delivering “bloodless surgery.” Eighty-five percent of all elective cardiac procedures are performed without any blood usage whatsoever, thereby avoiding the additional risks involved in allogenic transfusions. “Bloodless surgery” is still considered a novel approach to inhibiting blood loss and conserving the patient’s own blood. It relies on a combination of meticulous surgical techniques, chemical inhibitors and perfusion protocols that allow the conservation and continuous re-transfusion of any autologous blood that is shed during surgery. As donor transfusions are a well-known source of complications in surgeries, this alternative has contributed significantly to a lower incidence of infections, shorter hospital stays, and faster recoveries among our patients.