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Less Cutting, More Edge

More than three years ago, Danbury’s dedicated colorectal specialists were the first in the state to offer transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEMS) and today they remain leaders in experience. This minimally invasive alternative to radical abdominal surgery is applied to the resection of certain relatively common rectal adenomas and early stage cancers.

Another procedure requiring advanced colorectal surgical skills is j-pouch surgery. Offered to patients who have lost their large intestine and rectum, we use a section of the small intestine to create a substitute ileoanal reservoir. The j-pouch is a significant improvement over the permanent ileostomy bag that was once the only choice for these patients.

Our minimally invasive outpatient treatment of third- and fourth-degree hemorrhoids is also notable. The procedure, known as stapled hemorrhoidectomy, uses a circular device to reattach painful prolapsed hemorrhoidal tissue to its original position against the rectal wall. The procedure is not only less painful than more traditional approaches, but it also appears to reduce the risk of symptoms returning.