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Less Cutting, More Edge

Patient-centered care is further assured by the assignment of a staff Cancer Companion who is specifically assigned to guide and educate patients through the evaluation, planning, delivery and post-surgical recovery process. As an adjunct to surgery, patients also have access to the most advanced forms of targeted radiation, including low- and high-dose brachytherapy, 3D conformal radiation therapy and intensity-modulated radiation at our award-winning on-site Praxair Cancer Center. Patients with particularly difficult or complex cases additionally benefit from direct access to the latest groundbreaking gynecological research and can participate in relevant NIH clinical trials run by the nationwide Gynecological Oncology Group (GOG).

Associated with our surgical services is a robust new translation research program dedicated to the study, risk assessment and potential risk reduction of gynecological cancers in patients carrying certain hereditary genetic mutations, chiefly BRCA1/2 but also Lynch, Li-Fraumeni and Cowden syndromes. Any patient suspected of having a family history of certain cancers can be given genetic testing and counseling by our board-certified genetic counselor, reviewed for the best treatment options by our tumor board, and where indicated given the opportunity to participate in regular surveillance and prophylactic surgery.