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Danbury Hospital offers a multidisciplinary team approach to treating spine conditions. Our neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons work side-by-side, applying their different perspectives and expertise to arrive at the best outcomes for some of the most complex spine cases. Only when conservative approaches such as physical therapy, pain management, and chiropractic care prove unsatisfactory do we prescribe surgical solutions.


Our team performs more than 600 spine surgeries annually. We also treat a large number of spinal stenosis cases...

Less Cutting, More Edge

At Danbury, we offer a range of treatments for chronic pain, including the dorsal column stimulator, a small implanted device that provides electrical stimulation...

Our spine program provides the same sophisticated range of surgical procedures, pain relief, and improved mobility that patients expect from top metropolitan centers.

40% of our surgical patients go home the same day and require no formal follow-up rehabilitation.