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Danbury Hospital’s vascular surgeons are experts in the management of arterial and venous disorders. With a comprehensive set of leading-edge surgical tools and techniques, and unique imaging capabilities of our new Artis Zeego®-equipped hybrid operating room, we are able to address even the most high-risk cases via minimally invasive endovascular or traditional open surgery as best serves each patient’s needs.


Endovascular interventions represent roughly 70 percent of our elective surgeries and the share continues to grow...
Less Cutting, More Edge

The team at Danbury provides office-based advanced solutions for treating cosmetically irritating, sometimes painful, varicose and spider veins...

Our three fellowship-trained endovascular surgeons utilize the latest minimally invasive technology to treat a range of arterial and venous disorders.

More than 70% of our procedures are endovascular, and more than half are outpatient procedures.