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Back in Tractor After Complicated Knee and Hip Surgeries

Monday, March 15, 2010 - Danbury, CT

This spring, lifelong farmer John Voytershark of Roxbury is eagerly back to planting fields and caring for cows. But that wasn’t always the case. For the past few years, the 87-year old Roxbury resident was in too much pain to even bend over, let alone throw a bale of hay. This spring, however, Voytershark will be tending various farms across Litchfield County, just months after having serious knee revision and hip replacement surgery by Dr. Sanjay Gupta of the Center for Advanced Orthopedic Care at Danbury Hospital.

“By the time I saw John, his 15 year old knee replacement implant had literally worn through,” said Dr. Sanjay Gupta, co-director of Danbury Hospital’s Total Joint Replacement Program. “The challenging thing with knee revision surgery is that you’re dealing with bone loss and scar tissue formation due to previous surgery.”

What is revision surgery?

Ranked among Connecticut’s top institutions for joint replacement, Danbury Hospital is one of the few institutions in the region whose surgeons have the skills to handle these difficult cases. Revision surgery is required for patients who have undergone orthopedic procedures in the past and now require additional surgery.

“These are complex cases that require a high level of expertise,” said Dr.Gupta, who performs hundreds of primary and revision hip and knee replacements each year. “Patients realize they don’t need to travel to a major metropolitan area to have sophisticated joint procedures because the expertise is right here at Danbury Hospital.”

Voytershark’s case illustrates that “hope does exist for people who are experiencing problems or complications after an original knee or hip replacement surgery,” said Dr. Gupta. “Yes, it does involve more surgery and rehabilitation, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

Second Joint Procedure at Danbury Hospital

A few months after having successful knee revision surgery, Voytershark once again found himself forced to use a walker due pain in his hip. “I thought I just pinched a nerve through my work, but when it became so intense that I couldn’t get back up in my tractor, I once again sought out Dr. Gupta.”

Dr. Gupta immediately took an x-ray of Voyersharks’s hip joint and saw that is was eroding, so surgery was scheduled in mid-January. “Given John’s age and activity level, we decided that a traditional metal on plastic hip prosthesis was the best option. That implant should last through his lifetime,” said Dr. Gupta.

Two short weeks later, Voyershark was up and walking again, having recently completed his rehabilitation at Danbury Hospital. “Thanks to Danbury Hospital, I’m finally looking forward to planting fields, raking hay and even "splitting wood!” adds Voyershark.

About Danbury Hospital

Danbury Hospital is a 371-bed regional medical center and university teaching hospital associated with the University of Vermont College of Medicine, the Yale University School of Medicine, the Connecticut School of Medicine and Columbia University Medical Center. The hospital provides centers of excellence in cardiovascular services, cancer, weight loss surgery, orthopedics, digestive disorders, radiology and diagnostic imaging. It also offers specialized programs for sleep disorders and asthma management. Medical staff members are board-certified in their specialties, and most serve on the faculty of the nation’s finest medical centers offering a higher level of experience.

Danbury Hospital Center for Advanced Orthopedic and Spine Care remains one of the few facilities in the State to offer surgical treatment of spinal deformities including adolescent scoliosis. A team of board-certified orthopedic specialists have adopted proven, minimally invasive procedures for orthopedic surgery, resulting in less pain, faster recovery, and a higher level of accuracy. The Center continues to be a leader in clinical outcomes for joint replacement and surgical procedures of the spine.