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Sleep Medicine Study Provides Answers for Patient

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 - Danbury, CT

Jose Mendez, M.D.

For Stan Mersand, his appointment with Dr. Patricia Tietjen, Chair of the Department of Medicine at Danbury Hospital, began a journey to better health through improved sleep hygiene. After explaining the problems he was experiencing, Dr. Tietjen referred him to Sleep Medicine Specialist Jose Mendez, MD.

Although Mr. Mersand, a resident of Pawling, NY, had used Danbury Hospital’s services occasionally over the past 20 years, his primary hospital was in New York. He experienced issues with sleep and participated in two sleep studies over the years at centers in New York, with no success. He felt it would be worthwhile to make an appointment with Dr. Mendez and give it another try, and for him the third attempt was a charm.

The sleep study performed at Danbury Hospital was a good experience in many ways. He felt the staff accommodated him, was sensitive to his issues with claustrophobia, and generally put him at ease. The collaboration of the staff and Dr. Mendez were instrumental in the positive outcome from this study. According to Mr. Mersand, his diagnosis was that he has a complex form of sleep apnea in that he was diagnosed with obstructive and central apnea which can ultimately result in serious medical implications that could include death.

According to Dr. Mendez, Mr. Mersand was severely limited by his sleep apnea and was paralyzed by the fear of having to use CPAP. The sleep medicine team was able to desensitize him of these fears and he is now completely compliant. Because of that, he has shown a profound improvement in his sleep apnea leading to a healthier life. As an added bonus, his wife of many years is happy to enjoy a good night’s sleep without the interruption of loud snoring. The American Sleep Apnea Association reports that sleep apnea is a debilitating and life-shortening ailment that is estimated to affect 22 million Americans. Most don’t know it. Untreated, it can lead to depression, heart disease, diabetes, and fatal car crashes. It is also a major contributor to presenteeism within the work environment.

For more information on the sleep medicine program at Danbury Hospital visit our website at or call 1-866-516-3658.

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