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Newly Refurbished Single Occupancy Rooms

Monday, March 21, 2011 - Danbury, CT

Robert Deveney, M.D.

Robert Deveney, M.D.
Co-Director, Joint Program
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Eighty-one-year-old Edith Warren of Redding is a dynamic woman who lives life with passion. She enjoyed driving her Mazda RX-7 convertible and riding a John Deere tractor on the family’s seven acres of land, until she began experiencing pain and stiffness in both hips that progressed over time and led to restricted activity essential to daily living.

The Right Diagnosis is Essential

Edith took action and went to her doctor who referred her to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Deveney, Co-Director of the Center for Advanced Orthopedic and Spine Care at Danbury Hospital. After a comprehensive examination, and diagnosis and treatment consultation with Dr. Deveney, she decided the best treatment for her would be to undergo bilateral total hip replacement surgery.

First Total Hip Replacement Surgery

On November 9, 2009, Edith had the first of two successful hip replacement surgeries at Danbury Hospital. According to Dr. Deveney, after her first hip replacement surgery, Edith was admitted to one of the former double occupancy inpatient rooms on the 12th floor of the Tower building.

While Edith’s medical care and physical therapy showed continuous progress during her inpatient stay, “being in a two-patient room after this type of surgery was challenging at best. Not only for Edith, but for her family as well,” said Dr. Deveney.

“It was also unfortunate that her roommate was experiencing some discomfort at night. That situation, in and of itself, made it hard for Edith to get the optimal rest she needed,” said Dr. Deveney. “Her positive attitude and determination, combined with the enhanced patient care and the dedicated physical therapy she received, helped Edith to recover faster.”

Second Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Nine months later Edith Warren returned to Danbury Hospital for the second hip replacement surgery on December 13, 2010. This time, however, she was one of the first patient’s admitted to the newly-refurbished single patient rooms in the Center for Advanced Orthopedic and Spine Care on 12 Tower.

“I marveled at the transformation,” said Edith. “My room was bright and comfortable, and there was plenty of space for my family. The bathroom was larger and made it so much easier for me to maneuver.” “I never once had to ring the call button for help because the nurses and other staff were always checking on me to see if there was anything I needed,” she added. “I felt I had the opportunity for more open and better communication with Dr. Deveney as well as the staff because the setting was more private. Ultimately, I rested without interruption from others,” said Edith

Patient Centered Care, Comfort and Convenience

People come to Danbury Hospital expecting to receive excellent care along with amenities to make their hospital stay as comfortable as possible. “Now patients who need specialized joint replacement and spine surgery will find added comfort and privacy in a new wing dedicated exclusively to the specialties, said Dr. Deveney.”

Dedicated Wing for Joint Replacement and Spine Surgery Patients

The newly-renovated inpatient Center for Advanced Orthopedic and Spine Care features:

  • 31 private rooms
  • Patient centered design
  • New patient/family lounge
  • Expanded rehabilitation area with dedicated physical therapists
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Concierge food service and a la carte dining

“The newly-renovated Centers fulfill all of the individual needs of our patients,” said Dr. Deveney.

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About Danbury Hospital

Danbury Hospital is a 371-bed regional medical center and university teaching hospital associated with the University Of Vermont College Of Medicine, the Yale University School of Medicine, the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and Columbia University Medical Center. The hospital provides centers of excellence in orthopedics, cardiovascular services, cancer, weight loss surgery, digestive disorders, radiology and diagnostic imaging. It also offers specialized programs for sleep disorders and asthma management. Medical staff members are board-certified in their specialties.

At the Center for Advanced Orthopedic and Spine Care a team of board-certified/fellowship trained orthopedic specialists have adopted proven, minimally invasive procedures for orthopedic surgery, resulting in less pain, faster recovery, and a higher level of accuracy. The Center continues to be a leader in clinical outcomes for joint replacement and surgical procedures of the spine. It is also one of the few facilities in the state to offer surgical treatment of spinal deformities including adolescent scoliosis.