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Collaboration between Sloan-Kettering and New Milford Cancer Center Benefits Patient

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - New Milford, CT

Brenda Maxwell, a resident of Fishkill, New York, was well aware of her high risk for ovarian cancer and always kept a close watch through yearly sonograms and gynecological visits.  Her mother developed ovarian cancer in her 50s and Brenda and her daughter both tested positive for the hereditary gene at Sloan-Kettering in New York City.  However, as a mother of two and grandmother of four, she let things slip last year as she focused on taking care of her family and ignored the subtle symptoms she experienced.  Her subsequent journey introduced her to the New Milford Hospital Cancer Center  and Medical Oncologist Anne Chiang, MD.

When Brenda experienced UTI symptoms she began to worry, but was not able to arrange for an appointment with her gynecologist for six weeks.  Knowing her physician would schedule a sonogram she went ahead and booked one.  The sonogram and follow-up MRI confirmed she had developed a tumor on her ovary which required immediate surgery. 

Ovarian Cancer Chemotherapy available at New Milford Hospital

Dr. Carol Brown, on staff at Sloan- Kettering, performed the surgery, which required a series of post-procedure chemotherapy.    Because getting to New York City for chemo caused a traveling concern for Brenda, Dr. Brown researched options for her.  She recommended treatment be provided at the New Milford Hospital Cancer Center with Medical Oncologist Anne Chiang, MD, feeling it would guarantee the same expertise and care as could be received at Sloan-Kettering.

Brenda’s post-surgery treatment required six cycles of chemotherapy given intravenously and also through a port into the abdomen, a difficult procedure that is not offered at many cancer centers.  This particular chemotherapy is not always tolerated well due to the increased risk of infection, nausea and the fact that it is quite uncomfortable. However, it does have many benefits, even if patients are unable to complete all six cycles. 

Cancer Center Offers High Level of Technology and Personal Attention

Although she had never used the services at New Milford Hospital prior to her cancer event, Brenda truly loved Dr. Chiang and the entire staff at the cancer center.  She was impressed with the level of technology and personal attention she received, and very thankful that with the awful winter weather experienced in the North this year she did not have to travel to the city twice a week. 

Recently Brenda met with Dr. Chiang for her first post-chemo testing and received the good news that everything was clear.  Brenda said, “I am thankful for the collaboration between Drs. Brown and Chiang, and for the chance to experience the fabulous staff at the New Milford Hospital Cancer Center.”

For more information on cancer services at New Milford Hospital, please visit the website at or call the physician referral service at 1-800-585-7198

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