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New Milford Hospital Receives $1.39 Million Gift From Visionary Who Founded New Milford Cablevision

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - New Milford, CT

New Milford Hospital has received a gift of $1.39 million from the charitable trust established by visionary Paul Hancock, who founded New Milford Cablevision Co. and brought cable television into thousands of homes in the region.

The generous gift – one of the largest donations ever received by the New Milford Hospital Foundation – is from the Paul M. Hancock 2nd Charitable Trust that Hancock established at age 78 when he sold New Milford Cablevision Co. in 1992.

Hancock’s work in the cable television industry impacted the lives of thousands of area residents. The same can be said of Hancock’s gift to the hospital – a gesture that will touch the lives of thousands of patients at New Milford Hospital for generations to come.

“My father loved New Milford,” said Barbara Valocore, Hancock’s daughter. Hancock decided to leave a portion of his fortune to New Milford Hospital following a bout with septic shock, a serious infection that can prove deadly. “New Milford Hospital saved his life.”

Supporting advanced technology

“We greatly appreciate this wonderful and thoughtful gift from the Hancock family. It is a testament to our entire organization and the hard work of the many dedicated men and women who work here,” said Deborah Weymouth, executive director of New Milford Hospital. The donation comes at a time of growth for New Milford Hospital, which this year partnered with Danbury Hospital to form Western Connecticut Health Network, a healthcare delivery system that broadens the scope of services available to residents.

“This gift is for the community-at-large because it allows New Milford Hospital to continue delivering quality care,” said Weymouth. “Healthcare is an important factor people consider when selecting a community to raise their children or grow old in. Access to high-quality personalized healthcare is key to a vibrant, viable community.”

Hancock requested the funds be used to acquire equipment that would impact many people over a long period of time. To honor his request, New Milford Hospital plans to purchase automated medication-dispensing machines (for the Emergency Department, operating rooms and intensive care units) that track when and where medications are due to patients. “The automated process supports the nursing team in providing doctor-ordered doses of medication to the right patient at the right time,” she said.

A pioneer in the cablevision industry

Born in 1914, Hancock was fascinated by the discoveries of Marconi and the legendary electrical genius, Nikola Tesla, so it was only natural that he gravitated to the broadcasting industry, eventually working at the Mutual Broadcasting System and at the National Broadcasting Company (NBC).

In 1964, Hancock acquired the franchise licenses to bring Community Antennae Television (as it was known back then) to twelve rural towns in middle Connecticut. After years of fundraising, Hancock opened the New Milford Cablevision Co. in 1978 with three employees. “He started a new career at the age of 64,” explained Valocore. “He was a visionary who recognized the potential of this emerging technology.”

For years, Hancock was devoted to New Milford, serving as president of the New Milford Chamber of Commerce and the United Fund. He also chaired the town’s 275th anniversary celebration. In 1992, Hancock sold his share of the cable business to Crown Media and used the funds to establish the Paul M. Hancock 2nd Charitable Trust.

“My father gave away most of his money with the stroke of a pen the day he sold New Milford Cablevision,” said Valocore. A major portion of the funds went to establish The Lifebridge Foundation, an organization with a mission to “support the concept of one humanity and the interconnectedness of all life,” said Valocore, the inspiration behind the foundation. Lifebridge has assisted hundreds of non-profit organizations and individuals.

Those who knew Hancock remember him as a hard-working individual who was dedicated to his customers, whether he was on the phone talking to a concerned client or constantly searching for ways to get the best television reception for viewers. “He was always interested in serving the community.”

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