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Hartford Woman Finds Support and Relief with Danbury Hospital Orthopedic Surgeon

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - Danbury, CT

Orthopedic Patient at Danbury Hospital

Robert Deveney, M.D.
Co-Director, Joint Replacement Program, Orthopedic Surgeon
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The right physician and a new perspective brings new hope

After coping with a congenital defect in her left hip for most of her young and early adult life, five years ago, at the age of 43, Lori Bacon of West Hartford knew it was time to do something about the constant pain that was affecting her overall quality of life.

"Accomplishing household tasks became more and more difficult and incredibly painful," said Lori. "I had to pace out my daily activities because when I overdid it, the pain in my left hip would become so debilitating I had to take a recovery day the next day."

Lori and her husband John went to a couple of orthopedic joint surgeons in the Hartford area near their home. Following each consultation they left feeling deflated because they were told that Lori was not an ideal candidate for total hip replacement surgery. She was too young and needed to lose weight to prevent possible post-surgical infection and other complications.

"They weren't receptive in helping me on any level," said Lori. "It was extremely frustrating." "Because," as Lori reasoned, "how can I lose weight if I can't exercise because I'm in constant pain? It's a double-edge sword. I wasn't able to exercise and lose the weight I needed to."

After conducting thorough research of orthopedic physicians in the region, Lori and John decided to consult with orthopedic joint surgeon Dr. Robert Deveney at his Southbury office. Lori and John left that meeting with a feeling of optimism. "He saw the whole picture and had a different point of view about performing the surgery," said Lori. "He clearly understood my situation."

"How can anyone concentrate on weight loss when they can't get up and move because they're living with constant pain? It just made no sense," said Dr. Robert Deveney, orthopedic surgeon and vice chair, Board of Managers Western Connecticut Health Network Joint and Spine, LLC.

"Of course it would have been ideal if Lori weighed less, but you can't get to that point if you can't move and she didn't have other serious medical complications," said Dr. Deveney. "With minimally invasive surgical techniques and evolving advancements in orthopedic surgery, no one should have to live with constant pain."

Following a comprehensive medical consultation and pre-surgical examination, Dr. Deveney was confident that Lori would be fully engaged and an active participant in her post-surgical healing and rehabilitation process.

Several years later, Lori and John finally took the vacation of their dreams. It was during the summer of 2009, when they flew to Rome then cruised to Greece, Turkey and Egypt. "If I didn’t have the hip replacement surgery, I wouldn't have been able to sightsee without being in constant pain," said Lori. "Without the hip replacement surgery, because of the hilly and rugged terrain, it would have been extremely difficult for me to keep up with John."

Since Lori's 2009 hip surgery, after many years of over-compensating for the pain in her hip, Lori put an extraordinary amount of pressure on her right knee that caused her leg to bow. This new complication, coupled with severe arthritis, led her to require total knee replacement surgery.

In October 2013, at the age of forty-seven, Lori found herself, once again, in the capable hands of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Deveney. "He has always been direct, yet very supportive with me," said Lori. "More importantly, he knew I didn't have to suffer."

Dr. Deveney added, "I always use a patient-centered approach when working with my patients. They must be involved in their treatment to achieve optimal results. And Lori was fully engaged."

For Lori Bacon, the right physician and the right approach have made all the difference. "Life's too short. I'm young. If I had to wait until I'm 60 to have these surgeries, you just never know. So why wait?"

Patient Safety and Quality in Care

The American College of Surgeons National Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP) is a strictly-voluntary quality program which allows hospitals to follow and thus improve surgical outcomes. NSQIP is the nation's only nationally benchmarked, clinical, risk-adjusted, outcomes-based measurement and improvement program. Danbury Hospital was one of the first 26 private hospitals in the world to enroll in NSQIP and is part of the Connecticut state collaborative. Norwalk Hospital has more recently become a NSQIP facility and is now also part of the state collaborative. Dr. Keith Zuccala, Chairman of Surgery at Danbury Hospital shared, "Through NSQIP and the Connecticut collaborative, we are now working with hospitals throughout the state to improve patient care everywhere, not just in our own institutions. Focused on three important issues; Mortality, Morbidity and Surgical Site Infections viewed through NSQIP, you can clearly see that Danbury and Norwalk hospitals are performing on par with our peers at the highest level of surgical outcomes/expectations." The NSQIP quality improvement program was named "Best in the Nation" by the Institute of Medicine. Typically, top ranked hospitals in the US News and World Report use NSQIP to improve surgical quality.

Danbury Hospital's Center for Advanced Orthopedic and Spine Care brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts specializing in orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, and neurosurgery. The Center's physicians are all fellowship-trained, and share their expertise to arrive at the best course of treatment for individual patients.

For more information about the exceptional care you can expect to receive from the Center for Advanced Orthopedic and Spine Care, which has been accredited by The Joint Commission Disease Specific Certification in Hip Arthoplasty, Knee Arthoplasy and Spine Surgery for meeting high standards in quality patient care, please call 1-800-516-4743.

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