Cardiac Anesthesiology

Danbury Hospital is home to an experienced team of cardiac anesthesiologists who are a vital part of our Cardiac Surgery program. Because operations involving the heart are so complex, cardiac anesthesiology requires experience and skill.

What to Expect

Before the operation, your anesthesiologist will meet with you to assess your medical history, health, and other factors that might affect or be affected by anesthesia. For instance, you may be asked which medications are taking and whether you have any allergies. In some cases, the questions may seem repetitive, but they are necessary to ensure your safety.

During the operation, the anesthesiologist is responsible for monitoring and controlling a patient’s vital signs. In the case of surgeries that require the use of a heart-lung or “bypass” machine, the cardiovascular and thoracic (CVT) anesthesiologist will supervise the use of the machine.

For More Information

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