Ongoing Management

Sleep Disorders Center

The Sleep Disorders Center team of physicians, clinical psychologists, and nurse practitioners are available for clinical management of established patients when requested. This typically occurs when a referring doctor feels the management of his or her patient's sleep disorder lies outside their scope of competency.

Clinical management by a sleep disorders specialist or other member of the Sleep Disorders Center clinical team ensures optimal patient care, particularly given the known complexities of many sleep disorders and their negative impact on health and wellbeing when left untreated or inadequately managed.

Patients seen for a sleep evaluation and then scheduled for a sleep study are automatically booked for a follow-up visit with the doctor to discuss their test results, treatment recommendations, and any necessary referrals to other medical specialists.

For More Information

To lean more about ongoing management of sleep disorders, you should find a doctor in that area of expertise. It’s easy to do that with our Find a Doctor online tool; or for a physician referral, call us at 1-800-516-3658. To learn more about Danbury Hospital, please visit the patient and visitor information section.