Sleep Evaluations

Sleep Disorders Center

The Sleep Disorders Center provides sleep evaluations for all patients over the age of one. Sleep evaluations are provided by doctors affiliated with Pulmonary and Sleep Specialists of the Western Connecticut Medical Group, Inc. .

Requests for evaluation are usually generated when a referring physician feels assessment of their patient’s sleep disorder lies outside their scope of competency. Given recognition by the International Classification of Sleep Disorders (ICSD) of more than 80 individual sleep disorders, a formal sleep evaluation helps to ensure the most comprehensive and accurate clinical assessment possible.

The Sleep Disorders Center also honors direct referral for sleep studies (without prior office evaluation) in selected cases. Direct referrals for sleep studies are requested when the primary care physician or other medical specialist feels qualified to interpret the sleep study report and implement a treatment plan without the assistance of a clinical sleep specialist.

What Happens During a Sleep Evaluation?

The evaluation process begins with completion of an extensive sleep questionnaire, which asks patients to comment on specific aspects of:

  • Sleep-wake function
  • Medical history
  • Social habits

A sleep doctor reviews each item response with the patient and expands on and clarifies issues pertinent to the chief clinical complaint. The patient also undergoes focused medical and psychiatric screenings during the intake process.

After obtaining the history and completing the medical examination, the sleep doctor discusses:

  • Initial diagnostic impressions
  • Potential treatment options
  • Any need for ancillary testing, such as: blood work, pulmonary function testing, x-rays, or sleep studies

A detailed follow-up plan is outlined and discussed with the patient at the conclusion of the intake visit.

Insomnia Program

Danbury Hospital takes insomnia and all sleep disorders seriously, which is why our Sleep Disorders Center provides insomnia evaluations and treatment through the Insomnia Program. Because of the inherent complexities associated with evaluating and treating insomnia, the Sleep Disorders Center has developed this additional program with specialized resources and personnel needed to meet the unique medical and psychological challenges of this patient group.

The assessment begins with scheduling a sleep evaluation, screening for various medical and psychological conditions that may be contributing to the sleep disturbance, and occasionally conducting an overnight sleep study or Actigraphy to further analyze sleep-wake patterns.

After the initial assessment, insomnia patients are evaluated for viability of cognitive-behavioral therapy, medication therapy, or combination therapies. A treatment strategy is outlined and reviewed in detail with the patient and regular follow-up visits are scheduled based on clinical management needs.

For More Information

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