Programs and Services

Level II Trauma Center

Danbury Hospital is a Level II Trauma Center providing 24/7/365 trauma care to emergency patients with wounds or injuries caused by accidents or violence. These services are activated under specific circumstances and delivered regardless of the severity of injury. Trauma prevention is a daily priority both within the hospital and in the community. Our trauma programs and services are designed not only to ensure the highest quality of care for trauma patients, but also to reduce overall injuries and deaths through proven community outreach and educational efforts.

Trauma Education for Health Professionals

As a Level II Trauma Center, Danbury Hospital provides ongoing training and education for doctors, nurses, EMS and other healthcare providers.

Community and Patient Education

The trauma team provides a variety of outreach and education to people of all ages, involving area schools, agencies and other community organizations. We are eager to help and will plan a program that meets the needs of your group or audience. Through our speaker's bureau, we educate community groups on a variety of trauma topics, including falls prevention, seasonal safety for swimming or boating, traffic safety, and use of protective equipment such as car seats, helmets and other recreational gear. Please contact us for additional information on education or call Community Relations at 203-852-2250 for further information on our speaker's bureau.

Falls Prevention Program

Falls are a preventable health problem and can cause permanent disability. Most falls occur in the home. Among the older populations, approximately 30% who fall will experience a hip fracture. Only 40% will return home after hospitalization.Contact us for more information on falls prevention.

You can reduce your risk of falling

Consider these suggestions to prevent falls:

  • Have annual vision exams
  • Have an annual physical exam with medication review
  • Exercise for strength, endurance and overall good health (talk with your doctor before starting any exercise program)
  • Wear proper fitting shoes
  • Reduce clutter at home and work
  • Use proper lighting
  • Install handrails along the stairs
  • Secure rugs and carpets to the floor
  • Keep electrical cords out of flow of traffic

Visit our Community Resources to find organizations and web sites dedicated to preventing falls.

Troo the Traumaroo

Troo the Traumaroo is a children's safety program developed by the American Trauma Society that employs the services of the animated character "Troo" to teach important safety habits, with "fun" as a key component, and help reduce preventable injuries among children throughout the country. Adopted by Danbury Hospital as an outreach tool in the community, the program helps children develop safe behavior patterns that will become lifelong habits.

How the Program Works

Contact us to schedule Troo in advance for community or organizational events. Program topics may include:

Bicycle Safety

Troo and a facilitator will explain safe riding habits, including the use of helmets and other protective measures, and how to access Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Playground Safety

Troo and a facilitator will share tips on how to have fun in the playground, while avoiding injuries and accessing EMS when needed.

Staying Friends

Troo and a facilitator will teach children how to control their anger when a friend reacts inappropriately.

Home Safety

Troo and a facilitator will instruct children on various do's and don'ts in and around the house.

Troo the Traumaroo's message is further reinforced when groups can incorporate activities or games with safety-related information.

For More Information

Use our Find a Doctor tool to find a specially trained doctor near you, or call 1-800-516-3658 for a doctor referral or to speak to someone about Danbury Hospital.

Remember, if you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.