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Center for Weight Loss Surgery at Danbury Hospital

Jenny Lopez of Waterbury, CT couldn’t be happier with her new life after losing 130 pounds following her weight loss surgery at Danbury Hospital. "The entire staff was amazing. They're like family. They treated me with the utmost respect. They were caring and supportive. Now I tell everyone to go to Danbury Hospital, no where else!"

Why Come to Danbury?

Has obesity created problems for you or a loved one? The Danbury Hospital Center for Weight Loss Surgery helps people transform their lives and become healthy.

Many people have tried diets, exercise and weight loss programs and still find themselves unable to get control over their weight. The search for a solution that will help you lose weight and regain your health can be long and frustrating, but it is an important journey because it reinforces your commitment to change your life for the better. At Danbury Hospital we are here to offer support and, if you and your doctor determine surgery is the right path for you, a range of surgical procedures that can bring health and success within your reach.

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Watch this video for the Center for Weight Loss Surgery at Danbury Hospital “As soon as I walked in the room, I decided I wanted to be there that this was the program that fit me and fit my personality...the way that they care really stood out to me.”


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Every interaction you have with us will be focused on helping you become as healthy as you can be. Our entire team is committed to supporting you on your journey to permanent weight loss and a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Learning more is the first step. Please join us at one of our free event.  We look forward to learning more about what is best for you.

Laura H. Choi, M.D.
Medical Director, Center for Weight Loss Surgery
Fred and Irmi Bering Chair for Laparoscopic Surgery

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"I love being in a position where I can help people who are ready to transform their lives and take charge of their own health."

If you think you may be a candidate for weight loss surgery, talk to your primary care physician about Danbury Hospital, call 1-800-516-3657 for more information, or attend a free event and learn more about losing weight through bariatric surgery and if it's right for you.