A Brief History of Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric is the term used to describe the specialized treatment of obesity. Therefore, bariatric surgery is surgery specifically designed to assist in weight loss.

To give you a little history, surgeons first began to recognize the potential for surgical weight loss while performing operations that required the removal of large segments of a patient's stomach and intestine. After the surgery, doctors noticed that in many cases patients were unable to maintain their pre-surgical weight. With further study, surgeons were able to recommend similar changes that could be safely used to produce weight loss in morbidly obese patients.

Through the years, these procedures have been continually refined, which improve results and minimize risks. Today's bariatric surgeons have access to the very latest information, surgical techniques and scientific research, which help them determine which surgeries should be used and why.

Here at the Center for Weight Loss Surgery, you can feel good knowing that our staff and surgeons are informed and trained on the latest in bariatric surgery.

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