Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the youngest age for which weight loss surgery is recommended?

At this point, the guidelines from the American Society for Bariatric Surgery and the National Institutes of Health indicate surgery only for those 18 years of age and older but in some cases, surgery has been performed on patients 16 and younger.

The reason: There is concern that young patients may not have reached full developmental or emotional maturity to make this type of decision. It is important that young weight loss surgery patients have a full understanding of the lifelong commitment to the altered eating and lifestyle changes necessary for success.

What is the oldest age for which weight loss surgery is recommended?

Each patient is evaluated on an individual basis and there is no maximum age for which weight loss surgery is recommended. However, as age increases, the risk of surgery also increases, and the benefits in terms of reduced risk of mortality are reduced.

For More Information

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