Danbury Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Danbury Emergency Medical Services is a proven EMS model that has offered collaborative care with the City of Danbury Fire Department in partnership with Danbury Hospital since 1987. Over the years, the Danbury EMS Program has progressed from one full-time paramedic in a non-transport vehicle, to a fully integrated, single tiered, advanced life support system capable of staffing five paramedic level ambulances during peak hours. Our ambulances provide outreach to the community, including a presence and participation at highly attended public events, disaster and emergency management preparedness activities, and an assortment of other public safety initiatives. More recently, our work to promote CPR awareness among the public has lead to the designation of a regional "heart safe community".

Our paramedics are highly trained, professional , pre-hospital emergency care providers capable of managing the most challenging and stressful patient emergencies. Our knowledgeable and skilled paramedics and EMTs are prepared to rapidly assess and treat patients in acute crisis – equipped with an array of pharmacological interventions, airway management tools, cardiac monitor/defibrillator units and trauma management skills.Our EMS teams have achieved favorable response times well above the industry standard due to rapid first-response fire apparatus, defibrillators and basic first aid supplies. They have evolved to provide a consistently high-performing at-cost EMS system known for its optimal patient outcomes.

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