Echocardiography Services

Echocardiography uses ultrasound to make a picture of the heart. Ultrasound is transmitted using a small microphone, called a transducer. The transducer sends sound waves that bounce off parts of the heart. A computer calculates the time it takes the sound waves to travel to and from the heart, and then reconstructs the shape of the heart on the basis of the information. The image is displayed on a television screen, and it can be recorded on disk, videotape, or printed on paper.

Echocardiography Procedures

Results to Your Doctor Within One Business Day

Your doctor will receive your results within one business day via fax or directly to your physician's office or home. DHS Echocardiography Services utilizes long distance transmission of images from our machines to your doctor's office or home so that he or she can read your echo any time.

Billing and Insurance Questions

If your primary care physician (PCP) referred you to a cardiologist, your insurance plan may require a referral. Ask your PCP's office staff to verify if your plan has this requirement.

Many insurance plans require a Transesophagael echocardiogram (TEE) to be preauthorized. Ask the office staff of the ordering doctor to verify if your plan requires authorization.

For More Information

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