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Critical Care, Department of Medicine

Critical Care at Danbury Hospital is a closed unit consisting of a team of board-certified intensivists who staff the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Also known as intensive care, Critical Care addresses the needs of patients with life-threatening injuries or illnesses. Problems that might require critical care treatment include trauma, infections, complications from surgery, and severe breathing problems.

The ICU at Danbury Hospital is Leapfrog compliant, and among approximately 14–15 percent of ICUs in the nation that conform to these rigorous standards.

The Critical Care Unit recently received the Beacon Award for Excellence in Critical Care. The Beacon Award is a national award given by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Recipients of the award need to meet or exceed rigid quality standards based on proven indicators of excellence. The criteria must be met in five categories which include

  • Leadership Structures and Systems
  • Appropriate Staffing and Staff Engagement
  • Effective Communication, Knowledge Management and Best Practices
  • Evidence-Based Practice and Processes
  • Patient Outcomes

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