Infectious Disease, Department of Medicine

Infectious Disease at Danbury Hospital is staffed by doctors certified by the American Board of Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine. Trained in wound care, they also work on staff at the Robert J. and Pamela Morganti Center for Wound Care, Hyperbaric Medicine and Oxygen Therapy.

Infectious Disease participates in the internal medicine residency program at Danbury Hospital through New York Medical College.

Areas of Specialty

An infectious disease (ID) specialist is a doctor who has trained in internal medicine, and then has had additional years of training in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. Our ID specialists cover a variety of areas that fall under infections or causes of infectious disease. They include:

  • Fevers
  • New and chronic infections
  • Wound and blood related infections
  • Bone, joint, skin, and soft tissue infections
  • Diabetes-related infections
  • HIV
  • Lyme Disease and other tick borne diseases
  • Infections related to cancer and cancer chemotherapy
  • Infections related to immunodeficiency
  • Cellulitis
  • Tropical infections and travel-related infections
  • Pneumonia
  • Endocarditis

ID specialists work with your primary care doctors, other specialists, and surgeons to develop a personalized treatment plan for your specific problems or infections. The ID specialist’s role may include:

  • Reviewing a patient’s existing medical information, including records, X rays, and laboratory reports
  • Performing a physical examination
  • Conducting other laboratory tests such as microbiologic cultures and antibody tests for a variety of different conditions
  • Performing such procedures as skin biopsies, wound debridements, incision of abscesses, and needle aspirations
  • Prescribing treatments for the diagnosed condition, including anti-infective therapy

Appointment Requests

If you’d like to request an appointment within Infectious Disease at Danbury Hospital, we provide consultative service for both hospitalized and ambulatory patients. Office appointments may be scheduled upon referral from a primary care or other specialty provider. Please call us at 1-800-516-3658 if you need a physician referral.

Patients seeking advice regarding Rabies exposure risks are referred to the Connecticut State Health Department Rabies section at (860) 509-7994. Administration of post-exposure rabies vaccination is available in the Emergency Department at Danbury Hospital. Additional information is available at State of Connecticut, Department of Public Health.

For More Information

Search our Find a Doctor online tool to find a doctor who specializes in infectious disease near you. You can also call us at 1-800-516-3658 for a physician referral, or talk to your doctor about Danbury Hospital.

For more information, visit our comprehensive patient and visitor information section.