Programs and Services

Medical Oncology and Hematology, Department of Medicine

Our oncologists and hematologists offer evaluation, treatment and follow up care for cancer and blood disorders. Therapies we use to treat cancer and blood disorders include:

  • Chemotherapy – the treatment of cancer using  the most advanced drugs that destroy cancer cells 
  • Targeted therapy or Biotherapy–treatment that targets specific cells or helps the immune system fight cancer. Agents used in biotherapy include monoclonal antibodies, growth factors, and Hormonal therapy – Hormones are used to block the actions of other hormones that cause cancer.
  • Blood disorders –Blood products and Immunosuppresive, growth factor and biological therapies are used

Clinical Trials

Danbury Hospital strives to remain at the forefront of new and developing cancer research to better serve our patients. Through membership in the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG), the American College of Surgeons Oncology Group (ACOSOG) and the Clinical Trials Support Unit of the National Cancer Institute (CTSU), we are able to offer patients clinical trials for many different types of cancer.

For More Information

If you are interested in learning more about the programs and services offered in Medical Oncology and Hematology, please ask your doctor about Danbury Hospital.

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