Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine, Department of Medicine

Nuclear Medicine uses radioactive isotopes to diagnose and treat injuries and diseases, including types of cancers and heart disease.

Our doctors have expertise in many advanced diagnostic techniques such as nuclear cardiology, bone density, SPECT, scintigraphy and PET/CT.

The programs and services of Nuclear Medicine use small amounts of radioactive tracers to diagnose and treat various diseases. Nuclear Medicine differs from x-ray in that it is based on body function rather than simply anatomy. It is part of an emerging specialty referred to as "Molecular Imaging" and there have been many exciting developments in this field in recent years.

Our Nuclear Medicine doctors are trained in Internal Medicine as well as Nuclear Medicine and work closely with other professionals including: Radiologists, Cardiologists, Oncologists, Endocrinologists, Surgeons, and Primary Care Physicians. We treat every imaging study as a consult and integrate other clinical information with scan findings to assist other doctors in making decisions that guide patient treatments.

We are currently the only facility in New England that is fully certified by ICANL (The Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Laboratories) for all nuclear modalities (General Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Imaging, and Nuclear Cardiology).

We actively participate in research and medical education activities. We take pride that we are a state-of-the-art facility that remains on the cutting edge of new developments in our field.

William D. Johns, M.D.
Section Chief, Nuclear Medicine
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