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Department of Nursing

Nursing, Nurses at Danbury Hospital Danbury Hospital is a leading regional medical center that employs more than 900 nurses.

Danbury Hospital is associated with New York Medical College, the Yale University School of Medicine, the Connecticut School of Medicine, and Columbia University Medical Center.

Our philosophy is to provide high-quality, evidenced-based, family-centered care in a nurturing, supportive environment.

Measures of Nursing Excellence

Beacon Award for Excellence™ How do you measure excellence in nursing? At Danbury Hospital, we measure it on many dimensions:

  • The level of skill and expertise of our nursing staff, as well as their compassion
  • The desire of our nurses to continually grow and improve
  • Our nurses’ sense of achievement derived from not just doing their job, but doing it extraordinarily well

We measure excellence by our patients’ overall satisfaction with our care, their trust in the superior competence and kindness of our nurses, and the success of their outcomes.

As a Nurse at Danbury Hospital You Will Find:

  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • The opportunity to work side-by-side with top medical practitioners

We Offer Comprehensive Care Programs in:

We Offer Specialized Programs for:

Danbury Hospital is Recognized for:

If you strive for excellence in your nursing career and opportunities for professional growth, Danbury Hospital will offer you everything you need to achieve your ambitions. Make our hospital your workplace of choice.


Recognizing the established link between higher levels of nursing education and better patient outcomes, Danbury Hospital has a fully staffed Nursing Education Department with dedicated Master’s-prepared educators to foster our nurses’ continued learning and development.

In addition to providing unit-specific courses, technology training, and standard courses such as CPR, EKG, and BLS, this department promotes and oversees a number of advantageous programs to further your nursing career.

Shared Governance Model

Shared Governance is an innovative organizational framework that encourages professional autonomy among nurses.  It empowers the professional nursing staff and managers to work collaboratively in the decision making process related to patient care, nursing practice, and the work environment.

Under the Shared Governance umbrella, nurses work in an atmosphere where optimal patient care is nurtured and enhanced through professional accountability. Professional nurses accept accountability for outcome based nursing practice, professional self development, as well as ethical and legal responsibilities involved in their practice.

Nursing Practice Council

The Nursing Practice Council is a committee of RN staff representatives from most patient care areas in the hospital, along with representatives from the nursing leadership team. The Council reviews policies, procedures, and evidence-based standards that relate to or specifically affect clinical practice, and makes recommendations for improvement when necessary.

The Nursing Practice Council also reviews and responds to clinical concerns that impact nursing care and suggests changes for review by Clinical Leadership. Additionally, the council disseminates information in regards to new clinical practices, equipment, and/or supplies used in the clinical area. The Council is chaired by a nursing staff representative and is facilitated by the director of nursing practice. It meets regularly on a monthly basis and all members are active participants in evaluating and improving clinical practice.

Clinical Ladder

Danbury Hospital has a clinical ladder process for the advancement of  our registered nurses. The clinical ladder consists of three levels focusing on clinical competency, leadership, and education. Nurses are eligible for advancement based annual performance review.

For More Information

At Danbury Hospital, we’re proud of our Nursing team. Learn more about our Nursing team in our publication, How We Measure Nursing Excellence.

We have many opportunities for Nursing at Danbury Hospital. Learn more about our Nursing Education Programs and why the Department of Nursing at Danbury Hospital is the workplace of choice.

Andy Hull, BSN, RN

Assistant Nurse Manager
Andy Hull at Danbury Hospital

A former Marine, Andy worked his way up from a Patient Care Technician position to an Assistant Nurse Manager.

In advancing his career, he found his greatest advocates among the Nursing Leadership team. What Andy loves most about his job is the combination of clinical skills and compassion it requires.