Graduate Residency In Nursing (GRIN)

Newly graduated nurses take part in a program called Graduate Residency In Nursing (GRIN). The GRIN program expands on the nursing orientation program to support the new grad through the first year of employment at Danbury Hospital. The standard classroom orientation includes:

  • Nursing orientation classroom review
  • Skills practice using SIM Man simulation equipment
  • EKG basics and cardiac rhythms

In addition to working with a preceptor on the patient care unit, new grads spend time with nursing multi-specialists and visit other hospital departments that work closely with their home unit.

To continue to support the new grad after their unit-based orientation is completed, they are matched with experienced mentors who will support them for the first year and beyond with their professional development and integration into the hospital community. 

Quarterly full-day educational seminars are offered, allowing the new grad both the opportunity to learn about focused topics as well as to network with other newly graduated nurses within the hospital.

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