Nursing Orientation Program

Orientation, Day One and Two

Our Nursing Orientation Program begins with a thorough, two-day general hospital orientation facilitated by the Human Resource Partners that provides all new employees with an understanding of:

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Culture
  • Layout of the Danbury Hospital   

All new employees participate in a Value In People (VIP) Program, which includes VIP Gatherings and a Buddy Program. This ensures from day one, all employees including our nurses, feel at home, and understand why Danbury Hospital is viewed as a workplace of choice and the best place to be.

VIP Gatherings

VIP Gatherings are events that provide an open forum for new employees to:

  • Reconnect
  • Discuss topics important to their success
  • VIP Surveys to assess new employee satisfaction during the first year

Buddy Program

Our Buddy Program pairs a new employee with an experienced peer who can help them navigate the organization and get acquainted with the work environment.

Orientation, Day Three and On

Nursing Orientation is offered to all new members of the nursing department, including:

  • Nurses
  • Nursing assistants
  • Unit coordinators

Nursing orientation includes a two- or three-day classroom review followed by unit orientation with a unit-based preceptor. Classroom review allows the new nursing employee to get an overview of department expectations and process they will use in their new positions while meeting many of the specialty representatives they will work alongside on the patient care units.

Unit-based orientation is individualized to meet the needs of the employee. All new nursing department staff will work with a preceptor to learn skills needed on their home unit and are also supported by a Nursing Education Clinical Specialist.

For More Information

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