Personalized Delivery Plans

At the Family Birth Center, we understand the importance of creating a personalized delivery plan that reflects your preferences and medical needs regarding the birth of your child.

What Childbirth Plan is Right for Me?

For instance, you may want to decide:

  • At what point in labor you would like to go to the hospital
  • What type of delivery to plan for — including natural delivery, vaginal delivery, or a C-section (Cesarean delivery)
  • Whether you would like a certified nurse-midwife or a doula to be involved in the labor and delivery
  • How you would like to personalize the environment, for instance by playing music or displaying items from home
  • Who should be present during labor and delivery
  • Preferred labor positions
  • Which drugs you would prefer be used — or not used – during labor and delivery
  • How much you would like your partner to help with the delivery and cutting the cord

Enhancing the Childbirth Experience

Danbury Hospital offers personalized delivery plans for each expectant mother. Your physician and/or other caregivers will discuss your labor and delivery options in advance to facilitate safe and timely care for you and your baby.

For More Information

To search for a doctor in Obstetrics and Gynecology, use our convenient Find a Doctor   online tool. If you need a physician referral, please call us at 1-800-511-9971. Visit our patient and visitor information section to learn more about Danbury Hospital.