Injury Prevention Programs

Corporate Health Care

Corporate Health Care works with employers to ensure that workers stay healthy and productive. We offer a variety of services designed to minimize the likelihood of injury that will keep employees from their jobs.

Ergonomic Analysis. Our ergonomic consultants find practical solutions to the physical demands of the work site, focusing on scientific ergonomic analysis and problem-solving. Our team specializes in maximizing productivity and minimizing the likelihood of injury or worker fatigue.

Workplace Education. Our professionals offer workshops, seminars and educational programs for managers and workers on a variety of topics, such as stretch-and-flex exercises and a back strengthening program. We can offer programs from our archives or design programs to meet your specific needs and requirements to work safely.

Work Conditioning Program. Our rehabilitation specialists offer two- to six-week programs that simulate the physical functions of a particular job, with the goal of helping an injured employee return to work. Related services include:

Functional Capacity Evaluation . The Functional Capacity Evaluation determines an individual’s optimum, safe performance level using specific work-related job tasks based on the actual job demands. This is especially helpful for employees with complicated injuries and illnesses. This evaluation can help discern an individual’s:

  • Functional abilities
  • Potential disabilities
  • Qualification of work abilities for medical/legal reasons

Fit for Duty Assessment . These exams help measure whether an employee has the physical capacity to perform his/her job functions safely and without physical harm. This is appropriate for employees who have received approval from their primary care physician to return to work, regardless of whether the illness or injury was work-related.

Work Simulation Services . Work simulation helps to determine whether a job candidate is physically capable of performing job-related duties prior to their return to work. It can be a useful tool in establishing whether or not a candidate or employee is sufficiently fit or strong to work safely and to maximum potential.

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